What can I say – it’s just fun!.

In my teens I visited a friend studying art at Sheridan College. He was also doing photography with a pocket camera. His images were memorable and amazing. That’s the first time I showed a real interest in the craft, and my parents got me the Kodak Ektralite 10 that Christmas. My images were not amazing. It had nothing to do with the camera.

I used that Ektralite for almost thirty years. It was 2004 before I got creative, and my first SLR. As a hobby, I was enjoying 35mm film, and the old cameras and equipment I acquired. Then a twist of fate and my leg cast me a new life and livelihood.

Freelancing for the local paper and going back to school introduced me to digital photography sooner than I was prepared for. After graduating from Northern College’s Graphic and Web Design program in 2008 where I had formal training in digital imaging, I began teaching photography and Photoshop workshops there the following year. Other than a short break when my daughter was born, I’ve been teaching ever since via various venues.

After all these years, I’m still a student, photojournalist, and photographer for hire. Sharing what I know with others has been the best experience and reward, second only to their gift of everlasting friendships. I’ve learned more from them, than they could ever learn from me.