Temiskaming Shores

There are no workshops scheduled at this time. 

COURSE OBJECTIVES – To introduce the do’s and don’ts of digital photography through proper technique and use of digital equipment. Each four hour class will feature presentations, instructional handouts, and hands-on workshops. Participants will be given photo assignments for review the following week.

REQUIREMENTS – No previous photography experience needed. This is an entry level course suitable for beginners, anyone who wants a refresher, and enthusiasts who just want to get out and join the fun.


An overview of digital camera makes and models, accessories and their functions. Students will learn proper camera handling and shooting techniques and their dialogues. A getting-to-know-you Q&A on what inspires your creativity will be discussed.

Learn the different modes for auto focus and light metering, when to use a flash or tripod, and how to translate the many auto settings into their manual equivalents using ISO, shutter speed, aperture and white balance in the following situations:

Landscapes and Light – explore the dynamics of shooting landscapes and the do’s and don’ts of working with natural light.

Macros and Magnification – combine light and technique with on-camera settings for bigger understanding of small object photography.

Low Light and Night – a broad spectrum of low light conditions, lighting problems, and their solutions through on-camera/menu settings and techniques.

Portraits and Poses – use of light, shadow and backgrounds for effective portraiture. Learn how to position subjects in a group and individual setting as well as think outside the box.

Shutters and Sports – the camera’s wheel in motion as we explore the sports icon, it’s manual equivalents and their many applications.

These fun, hands-on and interactive workshops are great for anyone starting out or wanting to take better images. Perfect for someone needing a refresher or just wanting to get out of the house. Come on out and beat the winter blues. Hope to see you there!

Perry 🙂